Unsafe abortions prevented* in 2014


Unintended pregnancies averted* in 2014


Client visits in 2014

Our programme in Zambia provides sexual and reproductive healthcare to thousands of the country’s poorest and most vulnerable women.

What we do in Zambia

We offer a full range of family planning services, and comprehensive abortion care.

We run a male circumcision programme as a key HIV prevention strategy and are integrating male circumcision services with family planning through mobile outreach. We also offer cervical screening services.

MSI in Zambia

How we deliver services

Our clinics offer a full range of quality reproductive health services and lead the field in clinical quality and client focus, doubling as knowledge centres for our outreach teams.

Our clinic-based urban outreach teams enhance the capacity of the Ministry of Health and community based clinical services to provide more choices in family planning.

MSI in Zambia

Our rural outreach teams take our services to clients who have the greatest need in family planning. We work with the Ministry of Health and community based organisations to deliver a wide range of family planning choices and male circumcision services to under-served communities.

*Note: estimate based on our Impact 2 model.