MSI contraception users in 2014


Unsafe abortions prevented* in 2014


Unintended pregnancies averted* in 2014

We have two country programmes in India. Marie Stopes India delivers family planning and reproductive health services to thousands of women and men in areas where it matters the most.

What we do in India

We have two country programmes in India: Population Health Services India (PHSI) which was established in 1999 and Marie Stopes India (MS India) which opened in 2008.

Since opening, PHSI has expanded its operations and offers sexual and reproductive healthcare in centres in 14 locations, across four states. We work with the 24 District Health Authorities in these states to deliver family planning. And have expanded our social marketing programme making it the  third largest in the country. 

Both our programmes in India work in partnership with government ministries to improve service provision.

MS India is working to improve the quality of services, spearheading national sexual and reproductive health policies and training local providers to strengthen the services they deliver to clients. Working with the Government of Rajasthan, we are increasing the provision of long acting and permanent (LAPMs) family planning methods in 13 districts through our clinical outreach teams.

For instance, in Madhya Pradesh, MS India works to ensure that marginalised and young women are given the choice of a range of quality family planning services.

How we deliver services

PHSI offers a range of quality sexual and reproductive health services through its centres. We lead the field in clinical quality standards and client focus, doubling as knowledge and training centres for the Indian Ministry of Health. Our social marketing programme allows us to expand access to services such as short term and long term methods of contraception.

MS India uses clinical outreach in under-served areas to support and improve government family planning service delivery. Teams travel to hard to reach parts of the country, offering services to those who need them most.

And our social franchise network of private providers deliver family planning and safe abortion and post abortion care services in their communities.

Major partners

  • University of Manitoba
  • BMGF
  • State Governments of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar

*Note: estimate based on our Impact 2 model.