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Unsafe abortions averted* in 2014

We established our Ghana programme in 2006 and began service delivery in 2007 in response to a need for more organisations to deliver sexual and reproductive healthcare.

What we do in Ghana

Marie Stopes International Ghana (MSI Ghana) has become a leader in the provision of quality family planning services, a voice for collaboration between the private sector, NGOs and Ghana Health Services on critical issues of women’s health, and an innovator of strategies to reach under-served women and families.

Ghana's contraceptive prevalence rate is falling backwards making our work all the more important. By the end of 2014, we were pleased to have given 138,000 women the contraceptive method of their choice.

Reaching the underserved, namely those who can neither afford nor access services, is at the heart of our mission.

Through a varied range of service delivery methods, MSI Ghana has built a strong reputation among Ghanaian women for consistently delivering services of excellent quality in a welcoming and supportive environment.

Watch a short film about our work in Ghana - "Empowering Kayayei: Ghana's market women take control"


How we deliver services

Five centres of excellence form the backbone of our service delivery in Ghana, providing high quality, affordable, client focused family planning services

Five outreach teams made up of doctors, nurses, drivers and assistants travel to hard to reach parts of the country by car, offering long-acting and permanent contraceptive services to those who most need them

We have 200 social franchisees - local health providers who have the skill and the will to upgrade to a new level of service delivery in sexual and reproductive health. Our social franchising model has successfully bridged the gap between the existing private sector and the unmet need among Ghanaian women for quality services. This has been achieved by raising quality, improving client counselling, and ensuring access to commodities.

Esther Worae talking to Kayayei

Working with USAID

Through the USAID-funded Strengthening International Family Planning Organizations (SIFPO) project, MSI Ghana will increase access to and knowledge of sexual and reproductive health services among the female porters (Kayayei) in Accra and develop referrals for gender-based violence services.

A mobile outreach team will provide services within three urban markets and HIV and STI prevention will be provided through peer education, distribution of male and female condoms, and increased access to voluntary counselling and testing.

And the project will develop partnerships with organisations experienced in working with this at-risk population.

*Note: estimate based on our Impact 2 model.