Unsafe abortions averted in 2013*


Unintended pregnancies averted


Ethiopians using MSI contraception

Our programme in Ethiopia has been providing sexual and reproductive healthcare for more than 20 years.

What we do in Ethiopia

Our programme in Ethiopia works closely with the Government of Ethiopia and other partners to help reduce maternal mortality and morbidity by increasing access to and quality of sexual and reproductive health services.

Our organisation provides long-acting and permanent methods through 10 mobile clinical outreach teams that target hard-to-reach areas. In addition, we partner with 207 private clinics through our social franchising program, BlueStar, to support them to provide various SRH services.

Along the major transport routes in Ethiopia, we have trained more than 120 clinics on delivery of HIV and STI related services and linked them to the Addis-Mella network.

Community worker in Addis Ababa

How we deliver services


We provide comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services through a network of centres. These facilities provide a wide range of services including: general medical consultation, comprehensive family planning; pre- and post-natal care; child health checks; free condom provision; voluntary testing and counseling on HIV; and STI screening and treatment.

The clinics also act as team bases, preparation hubs and storage depots for its clinical outreach services. They are also an important referral point for clients. 

We also have more than 200 private healthcare providers delivering sexual and reproductive healthcare through the BlueStar social franchise network

Clinical outreach

The programme operates outreach services through ten dedicated mobile teams, extending its reach into the three most populated regions in Ethiopia. Services are provided at over 200 sites, are wholly subsidised and provided free to clients. 

In addition to its own clinics and outreach services, MSI Ethiopia coordinates and manages a private sector network consisting of more than 500 private service providers.

Outreach worker

Social franchising

The BlueStar social franchise enables private sector providers, popular with many poorer sections of the population, to provide essential services at agreed quality standards.

MSI Ethiopia provides training, equipment and management support with the aim of increasing both institutional sustainability and service quality of private providers. Awareness of, and demand for, services are increased through BCC and promotional campaigns.

Working with USAID

Through the USAID-funded Strengthening International Family Planning Organizations (SIFPO) project, MSI Ethiopia will establish two new mobile clinical outreach teams in the Tigray and Oromia regions.

A substantial number of private providers will be added to the existing 500 social franchisees in the BlueStar network. A voucher scheme will be launched to ensure the poor and underserved have equitable access to voluntary family planning services.

And all service delivery channels will be supported by awareness-raising activities through mass media and interpersonal communication.

*Note: estimate based on our Impact 2 model.