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Unplanned pregnancies averted* in 2014


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Under the Dr Marie™ consumer brand in Australia we offer: family planning; surgical and medical abortion; 24 hour aftercare with registered nurses; counselling; long-acting and permanent contraception; STI check; and vasectomy.

What we do in Australia

Our clinical programme in Australia is called ‘Dr Marie’. A proportion of the revenue generated by fees at Dr Marie clinics funds our work in Indigenous communities and developing countries - specifically in the Asia Pacific region, given its proximity to Australia.

MSIA clinic

How we deliver services

Our 17 centres are spread across New South Wales, Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory, Queensland and Western Australia. They offer a full range of sexual  and reproductive health care, including pregnancy counselling, medical and surgical abortion, contraception, STI testing and treatment, cervical screening and vasectomy.

We also have a dedicated call centre, a live web chat facility and  various information websites.

MSIA clinic

*Note: estimate based on our Impact 2 model.