Video: family planning outreach in Uganda

outreach in Uganda
07 Sep 2012 | Family planning
A new video report on family planning in Uganda shows how our clinical outreach team are delivering vital family planning services to women in hard to reach locations. The film includes coverage from one of our Uganda programme’s outreach days and a number of UNFPA projects.

The video is part of a special report on the Euronews website looking at the need for family planning services in Uganda.

One of our nurses, Marie Kansiime, speaks about the high demand from women for the quality family planning her team delivers in the communities she works in. 

She explains:

We need more support. Sometimes you find the number is overwhelming. We leave work at around 7.00 or 8.00 pm, so you see that there is a need for these mothers.

We provide comprehensive 'gold standard' sexual and reproductive health services through our branch network of 14 clinical facilities and 700 outreach locations across Uganda.

The special report estimates that we provide approximately 25% of all family planning services in the country.

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