New social franchise network launched in Senegal

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01 Nov 2012 | Social franchising
Marie Stopes International Senegal launched its new social franchise network, last week.

Social franchising is one of the ways we deliver family planning and reproductive health services to some of the world’s most under-served people.

The first three franchisees in our new Senegalese network started offering family planning services to clients in the slum areas of Dakar, with a goal to have all 60 franchisees operational by the end of the year.

The franchisee who started providing family planning services at the beginning of last week saw 27 clients - to which they administered 14 implants, eight IUDs, three injectables and two contraceptive pills. 

Months of training, meetings and information sessions helped prepare for the launch, working in close collaboration with local, regional and national Ministry of Health officials.

Through our social franchising networks around the world we team up with existing private healthcare providers to increase access to high quality care.

This works in much the same way as a commercial franchising operation. Our franchisees – clinics, midwives and pharmacies – pay a small fee to join the network. In return, they commit to our franchising membership standards and allow us to monitor their services closely.

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