Marie Stopes International to double number of women able to use contraception by 2020

women in Sierra Leone
06 Jul 2012 | Family planning
Marie Stopes International has announced that, to contribute to the long term goals of the London Summit on Family Planning, we will be doubling the number of women we serve. In 2012, over 10 million women were using a form of modern contraception supplied by us; this will be doubled to 20 million by 2020.

This doubling of our impact will be delivered by maintaining the 10 million women who are currently using contraception provided by the organisation; offering greater quality and choice of method to another 4 million women who are using a method that may not be right for them; and enabling a further 6 million women, who have never had the opportunity to use contraception, to access the method of their choosing.


Dana Hovig, CEO of Marie Stopes International said:

By giving another 6 million women the opportunity and choice to use contraception for the first time we are empowering them to take control of their lives and their future.  In some cases it means they can provide for the family they already have, in others – particularly for girls and young women – it means that they can make the choice to continue with their education and have the future they have dreamed of.

Over 200 million women around the world have told us that they want access to modern contraception to space or limit their births, and that they want it now.  The London Summit on Family Planning shows that we have heard these women, and recognise their fundamental right to high quality family planning services.  The overall goal of the summit is to reach 120 million of these women, and enable them to do what they want and use contraception for the first time.  Marie Stopes International’s pledge is to serve one in 20 of these 120 million new users of family planning by 2020.

Contraception saves lives.  If the Summit’s goal of reaching 120 million new users is achieved, it means that there will be more than 100 million fewer unintended pregnancies, and 200,000 fewer women and girls dying in pregnancy and childbirth.  These are outcomes that Marie Stopes International wholeheartedly supports.

On 11th July, the UK Government and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, with partners, will host a ground breaking summit aiming to halve the current number of women and girls in the world's poorest countries who wish to avoid pregnancy but are not using modern contraception. 

As a result by 2020, the lives of an additional 120 million women and girls in the world’s poorest countries will be transformed by providing them with lifesaving contraceptives and family planning information, and services.

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