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07 Sep 2012 | Family planning
Marie Stopes International Australia and CARE Australia, supported by AusAID, are launching a five year development awareness initiative as part of the Australian African Community Engagement Scheme (AACES). BARE is an Australian initiative to raise awareness about women’s access to the basic things in life.

On Friday 14th September 2012 the initiative will launch and encourage people to put the unnecessary aside for one day, peel back the excess (that means simple clothes and no make-up or jewellery) and go back to basics to raise awareness for women in developing countries.

Zahura’s story

The video below was made by our Tanzania programme, and features the AusAID-funded Mtwara outreach team. ‘Zahura – Choice is Hope’ is just one of the films produced by the Australian Communications & Marketing team with in-country filming assistance from our Tanzanian team, for Go Bare.

Zahura is a young woman living with her family in an isolated, rural area of Tanzania where she had few healthcare options and a lack of information about family planning.

But Zahura visited our Mtwara outreach team to find out more about the family planning choices that are now available to her through the quality services we offer.

After being given information about the full range of family planning methods available to her by our team, Zahura chose the contraceptive implant because it was the right choice for her. In the video she explains why family planning is so important to her and her two children.

For women like Zahura, access to the fundamentals - food, water, education and family planning - is a luxury. We hope Go Bare will start a vital conversation to bring the issue of family planning out of the dark.

Our Australia programme launched the Go Bare website earlier this month. Visit the website to watch more stories like Zahura’s and find out how you can Go Bare on 14th September to raise awareness for women & girls in Africa who are going without the basics.

With access to family planning services and being able to choose the number of children she has, and when she has them, a woman can better provide food, clothing and education for the children she already has.

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