Cost of Jadelle implants halved

Nepali women talking


Interim Global Director of Communications
27 Sep 2012 | Family planning
Marie Stopes International, one of the world’s largest non-governmental providers of family planning, welcomes the announcement made at the UN to expand access to contraception for 27 million women and girls and to cut the price of Bayer HealthCare’s Jadelle contraceptive implant to help make this happen.

This move will help to offer new choices in contraception to women across the developing world who want to exercise their right to access family planning.

Access to quality, affordable contraceptives continues to be one of the key challenges in allowing women to make the choice of whether and when to have children, and Bayer HealthCare’s commitment to reduce the price of the Jadelle implant by more than 50% will undoubtedly help to combat this.

There are, however, still more than 200 million women across the world who want to make that choice but can’t. We look forward to working with manufacturers, governments, donors and partner organisations to build on this announcement and make sure that it helps many more of these women to take control of their fertility.

We share the commitment of the governments of Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom and US, and other organisations to provide as many women as possible with choices in family planning, so that they can exercise their reproductive rights and manage the size of their families, and their own futures.

By working with our development partners and providing family planning services to millions of women each year we are able to help ensure that women in the developing world benefit from exciting announcements like this.

But we all need to do more, which is why we will continue our work with groups such as the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition to explore all means – including wider availability of quality, affordable products from generic and southern-based manufacturers – to offer the widest range possible of family planning services and products.