Message of thanks ahead of Belfast centre launch

16 Oct 2012 | Family planning
We would like to thank everyone for the thousands of positive messages we have received from the women and men of Belfast over the past week, since we announced the opening of our new sexual and reproductive health centre in Northern Ireland. We are extremely grateful for your support.

We are looking forward to Thursday, when we will open the centre and begin providing women and men in Belfast and beyond with much needed sexual and reproductive health services.

We are aware that some groups may be planning protests against the opening of the centre on Thursday. In response to these planned protests we have been working with the police in order to protect the women and men coming to our centre, and to ensure public safety. We would therefore ask that people consider not organising or attending any counter protests.

If you would like to show your support for the centre, we would encourage you to continue to do so using social and traditional media.

Thank you again for your support.