Bill & Melinda Gates foundation prioritises family planning

25 Jan 2012 | Family planning
Today, Bill and Melinda Gates identified family planning as a key priority for the year ahead in Bill Gates’ annual letter.

Dana Hovig, CEO Marie Stopes International, says:

“We are delighted by the clear, impassioned commitment to family planning that Bill Gates has shared in his annual letter. The foundation has long recognised how simple yet empowering family planning is, both to women and their families, and to their communities as a whole. In particular, we welcome Melinda Gates’ personal focus on this, which we hope will motivate world leaders to invest in giving women the choice to decide whether and when to have children, and so promote international development.

“As one of the world’s leading providers of sexual and reproductive healthcare, Marie Stopes International knows that family planning is not only life changing but one of the most cost effective health interventions available. Marie Stopes International exists to support the 215 million women in the developing world who want, but cannot access, contraception.”


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See Bill Gates’ Annual Letter here

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