Time to Act

One woman dies every 11 minutes of every day from having to resort to unsafe abortion. And even more shameful: we know how to prevent these deaths. We know how to save thousands of lives every year, how to empower women to avoid unintended pregnancies in the first place.

22 Sep 2014
Global Impact Report 2013

As well as sharing our top line results and impact estimations for 2013, we have analysed the evolution of our work over the last five years.

04 Jun 2014
Delivering sexual and reproductive health to young people
Young people under the age of 25 account for 43% of the world’s seven billion people. Young people experience high rates of HIV, sexually transmitted infections, unplanned pregnancies, and maternal morbidity and mortality.
17 Dec 2013
Financial Statements 2012

The Board of Trustees presents its report and the audited financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2012.

01 Dec 2013

In rural sub-Saharan Africa, the provision of analgesics during tubal ligation procedures can be expensive, subject to frequent stock-outs, and associated with potential side effects. 

08 Nov 2013