MSI contraceptive users in 2012


Unintended pregnancies averted


Unsafe abortions averted* in 2012

Marie Stopes Tanzania (MST) is Tanzania’s largest specialised sexual and reproductive health and family planning organisation.

What we do in Tanzania

Marie Stopes Tanzania was established in 1989. We provide a range of sexual and reproductive health services, including: family planning, health screening, maternal health, post abortion care and primary healthcare.

We provide approximately 20% of the modern method contraceptives used in Tanzania, most of which are long-acting and permanent (LAPM) methods in hard to reach rural locations and urban slums, provided by our clinical outreach teams.

Our community-based health workers (CBHW) help increase awareness of the programme's services. We have recently implemented projects with USAID and DFID to prevent maternal mortality and raise awareness of sexual and reproductive health rights in Tanzania.

How we deliver services

Our services are provided through a network of 14 clinics, three of which provide comprehensive obstetric care facilities, and 14 mobile outreach teams. Our 14 clinics offer a wide range of sexual and reproductive health and family planning services, with three of these clinics also providing comprehensive obstetric care facilities.

Through the USAID-funded Strengthening International Family Planning Organizations (SIFPO) project, Marie Stopes Tanzania will operate 14 mobile clinical outreach teams that travel between public health facilities and other rural sites where Marie Stopes Tanzania has observed high levels of unmet need.

Marie Stopes Tanzania will also undertake a pilot project working with community-based organisations serving youth in the Lindi and Mtwara regions, with the intention of scaling-up successful approaches across the outreach program in future years to provide greater access to voluntary family planning education and services.

*Note: estimate based on our Impact 2 model.