Making sure we deliver services for those most in need

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Olivia Nuccio
Monitoring & Evaluation Officer
19 Dec 2012 | Family planning
At Marie Stopes International we have always focused on making sure we are able to measure the impact of our work, and that we provide services to those who need them the most.

Our contribution to the commitments made at the London Summit on Family Planning in July to reach an additional 120 million women and girls in the world's poorest countries by 2020 will drive our work next year and in the years to come.

But while fulfilling this ambitious goal is a key priority for us, we never forget that each of those 120 million women is an individual.

Measuring family planning impact

Historically the standard ways of measuring the performance of family planning services have not necessarily reflected the realities of the people we work to help.

We want to know that we are delivering contraceptives to those groups with the greatest level of need, such as young people, those living in extreme poverty and people without access to a full range of long and short term family planning methods. 

Couple-years of protection (CYP) have long been the global indicator for performance. But not every CYP has the same impact on our broader goals: increased access to contraceptive use among underserved groups, reduced need for abortion and fewer maternal deaths. 

We believe we need to be smarter about how we reach under-served groups and have built on the CYP metric to help us do that, identifying categories of ‘high impact’  family planning clients in line with unmet needs and the long-term impact of our work.

Finding the best ways to meet unmet need

Launched and promoted throughout 2012, this pioneering high impact CYPs measure will help us identify which groups of people most in need of our services we are reaching and which we need to do more for. 

This knowledge will be invaluable to increasing the impact of our voluntary family planning services in the years to come - a strong investment we hope, for the millions of vulnerable people we support each year. 

We will be sharing more of our work on high-impact CYPs in early 2013 through our website, Twitter feed and Facebook page.  

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